How Reliable Real Estate Professionals Earn TRUST

In most areas of the country, there is certainly no shortage of licensed real estate agents. Obviously, some are far more successful than others, but this discussion is nor about finding a real estate professional, who merely earns the most commissions, but rather the importance of earning TRUST, as it relates to one’s dealings, attitudes, serve, etc. Before hiring the best agent to serve you and your needs, be certain to interview several, and focus on relevant issues, such as why you should select him/ her, what she does differently/ better, the marketing plan, etc. But, perhaps the single – most overlooked characteristic, is how he will earn your TRUST.

1. Timely; true: Will you be tempted to list with the agent who suggests the highest listing price? If so, do you understand listing and selling price, are often not the same? In fact, have you reviewed how timeliness, and the time – span, of a listed property, often impacts the final selling price, the most. Many studies indicate that a high percentage of houses receive their best, highest offer, in the first three or four weeks, after they are listed, for sale. In light of that, wouldn’t it probably make the most sense, to offer the house, priced – ro – sell, from the very beginning? Most homeowners state their goals as: getting the highest possible price, in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of hassle/ aggravation. Therefore, homeowners should ask to receive the true picture of the probable selling price of their house, and the reasoning. Is a CMA, or Comparative Market Analysis, the basis of the suggestion? Take a step back, and ask yourself,”What would I pay for this house, if I was thinking of buying it?”

2. Reliable; relevant: Are the homes being compared to, truly comparable? Is the information/ data used, reliable and relevant? Is it based on recent sales, or older ones? These comparisons should be based on houses sold very recently, depending on market conditions, as little as three months and less, or in some cases, within 6 to 9 months.

3. Useful; urge: Your real estate professional should be the expert, you are not! Therefore, how useful is her input, including, pricing, staging, curb appeal, etc? How effectively does he urge you to do what needs to be done, rather than merely agreeing with you? You are hopefully hiring a professional, whose function should be to provide necessary, relevant, professional advice!

4. Streamlines; satisfies: Will the agent streamline the process for you, in order to take a large amount of the hassle out of the situation? Is the focus on client satisfaction?

5. Take time: Does your real estate professional take the time, to fully explain your options, and all relevant matters, to your satisfaction, and to assure you understand as fully as possible? Will he make himself available to you, throughout the process, from the listing, showing, marketing and selling stages, through to the closing stage?

The reliable real estate professional often makes all the difference in the world! He should be constantly working to maintain, and earn your TRUST.